The Great Debate- That animals shouldn’t be kept in a zoo.

Hi Year 4,

The students in 4 SPA have been preparing to write a persuasive text on the topic, ‘That animals shouldn’t be kept in the zoo’.¬† I would love to know which side you’re on, as well as¬†what you think, feel, wonder and know about this topic. Remember to¬† use a fact to back up your opinion.

Please leave QUALITY comment below. Don’t forget, FIRST NAME ONLY!

Mrs Sleeman

Block Busters- fact families

Hi Year 4,

Welcome to Term 4! 4BT had fun with this Block Buster Fact Families game today in class.

You need to click the three blocks which make up an addition/subtraction fact family OR a multiplication/division¬† fact family. For example:¬† 2 3 5 is a fact family (2 + 3=5), and 10 6¬†60 is another fact family (10 x 6 = 60). You’ll need to move quickly, because the blocks keep coming!


Have fun! – Miss M

Block Buster