Sea Giants Summary

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LI: I can summarise informational texts.

There are thousands of giant sea creatures. There are only six in my book called Sea Giants. Lets just talk about two of them.

First we’re going to talk about Spider Crabs. Did you know that Spider Crabs are as big as a bus?!

Secondly lets talk about … SQUID! eww! So… Did you know that squids only let out ink when they’re scared? Kind of like us that when we’re really scared, we pee.



SEA GIANTS Friday the 29th of May

L.I I can summarise informational  text.

Sea giants are not like any animal on earth.

The sea giants are not like any animal on earth they are bigger than a normal animal.

The sea giants in the book that I read are called giant squid. The biggest giant squid ever found was bigger than a a car. The biggest jellyfish ever found was bigger than a basket ball court. Giant crabs are bigger than a car. Giant plants are bigger than a building and giant rays are bigger than a train tram.4-up on 29-05-2015 at 10.26 am

By Blake

The Great Year 4 Quiz – #4

The Great Year 4 Quiz

How Well Do You Know Your City? –

BATMAN isn’t just the superhero of Gotham City but there is another BATMAN who has had an important role to play in Melbourne’s history.

Who was he and why is he an important part of Melbourne’s history?

Research your answer and ‘reply’ with your answer below. When replying I would like you to use the following format.  (Don’t forget to get an adult to check your work before posting online. *This is really important.)

Hi Mrs. S

The answer to today’s quiz question is……….   I found this information here…… (see if you can copy and paste the web address where you accessed your information)

From…….(First name only)

Good luck

Mrs. S