100 Word Challenge – Week 12- The Night Zookeeper- By Lia

He was shocked to find… A flower, a talking flower! It was really colourful. “But, but, but, how?” he muttered. “How did it get in my sack?” “Get that raggedy old thing out of here!” he demanded. His guards took it out of the house and chucked it away. The flower fell onto the dirty all most dried up puddle and died. “Well Im glad that’s gone,” he yelled happily. “That was really easy,” he said  in a happy way. They all walked inside stomping their feet and slammed the door behind them.

By Lia.

The Great Debate- That animals shouldn’t be kept in a zoo.

Hi Year 4,

The students in 4 SPA have been preparing to write a persuasive text on the topic, ‘That animals shouldn’t be kept in the zoo’.  I would love to know which side you’re on, as well as what you think, feel, wonder and know about this topic. Remember to  use a fact to back up your opinion.

Please leave QUALITY comment below. Don’t forget, FIRST NAME ONLY!

Mrs Sleeman

Expand Vocabulary with Free Rice



For those of you working on Expand Vocabulary as your CAFE strategy, or who want to improve your knowledge of different words: Free Rice is a quiz based site which gives you a word, and you need to select the word from the list below it which means the same thing or very similar. In the picture above, the answer to “silence” is “quiet”. You can change your level to more difficult words if you are finding it too easy! Let us know if you learn any new words by posting them and their meanings in the comments 🙂 – Miss M

Wonderful Websites – Visuwords

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary?

Visuwords is an awesome online tool that assists you with synonyms and word families. It is just like a visual thesaurus/dictionary. Simply type in your word and watch the different word links appear. This will be great for your writing as well as understanding tricky words as you are reading. Plus it’s lots of fun!


It also comes in an app friendly format http://new.visuwords.com/