Wonderful Websites – Visuwords

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary?

Visuwords is an awesome online tool that assists you with synonyms and word families. It is just like a visual thesaurus/dictionary. Simply type in your word and watch the different word links appear. This will be great for your writing as well as understanding tricky words as you are reading. Plus it’s lots of fun!


It also comes in an app friendly format http://new.visuwords.com/



Weeks 7 & 8 Maths Focus – Fractions

Design a Park

This game focuses on equivalent fractions using eighths as the standard fraction.


Fraction Fiddle- Cake Fractions

This game focuses on creating, naming and ordering fractions.


Fraction Fiddle- Hit the apple

This game focuses on adding fractions. You can add fractions with the same denominator and then explore adding numbers with different denominators.


PBS Kids Cyberchase – Find It – Fractions


This site has lots of videos and games about fractions.

BBC Bitesize Maths – Fractions

This site is great for explaining everything that you need to know about fractions.



What’s Your Environmental Footprint?

Hi Year 4,

Do you ever wonder how much of an impact your lifestyle is having on the world? What would happen if everyone used the same number of resources that you do? Check out the website below. It will help you to work out how big your environmental footprint is.

WWF Ecological Footprint Calculator

What changes could you make to your lifestyle to help protect the planet? Post ideas below and share them with the world!

Mrs Barnes 🙂

Wonderful Websites – Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills

Hi Year 4,

Following on from our work on procedural texts and learning a little more about Jamie Oliver, I thought that I would post a link to two of his great websites.


Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills

Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills is an awesome website. It gives you all of the basic skills and techniques that you need for cooking. There are step by step videos as well as written instructions. This is where I fond the ‘Eggs and Dippy Soldiers’ recipe. It is set up to teach high school kids in Australia to pass a specific cooking course. However, I think that it is really useful for anybody who is learning to cook



Jamie Oliver


Jamieoliver.com is a great website. It is where you can access all of his work and quite a lot of his recipes. It is also where you can learn more about his ‘Food Revolution’


Have a great weekend!

Mrs S