Expand Vocabulary with Free Rice



For those of you working on Expand Vocabulary as your CAFE strategy, or who want to improve your knowledge of different words: Free Rice is a quiz based site which gives you a word, and you need to select the word from the list below it which means the same thing or very similar. In the picture above, the answer to “silence” is “quiet”. You can change your level to more difficult words if you are finding it too easy! Let us know if you learn any new words by posting them and their meanings in the comments 🙂 – Miss M

School A-Z



School A-Z is a great app for practising your spelling words and times tables. It also has some help paged that will assist you with your homework and the topics being taught in class.

It has been produced by NSW Department of Education and Communities. I highly recommend this app for home.

It’s available at the App Store and on Google Play. Best of all it’s FREE!

http://www.schoolatoz.nsw.edu.au/about/mobile-applications/school-a-to-zSchool A-Z

Wordle Fun! – Week 7 Spelling Words

Today we brainstormed our spelling words for our phonemes of the week, ‘a’ as in apple and ‘o’ as in go. We used our iPads in small groups to brainstorm different graphemes for each phoneme and then we listed lots of word for each phoneme.  After we listed lots of words we then emailed our lists to Mrs S and Mrs B. We then used Wordle to put all of our lists together. This is what we created.

Short ‘a’ words


Long ‘o’ words


Word Grid