Stomach Experiment

Last week, the students in 4 S/P/A conducted a Science experiment to learn about how the stomach processes our food. First of all we watched a video called ‘The Digestive System Song’. As we watched the video, we made notes about the key stages of the digestion process. Yes, the song is a little silly but we learnt some important information along the way!

Then we conducted our Science experiment. Here’s how we did it.

  1. We started with snap lock bags, bread and some liquids (water, orange juice, Coke & Coffee).
  2. Then we tore up the bread and placed it into the snap lock bags.
  3. After that, we added different liquids to each of the bags.
  4. Finally, we used our hands to squish the bread and the liquid inside the bags. This was done to copy the way that the stomach muscles process our foods.

At the end of the experiment, we talked about the similarities and differences between each of the bags.

Here is a link to our final result. Open if you dare!

Stomach Experiment

The students in 4 S/P/A had lots of fun with this experiment. It is really easy to try at home. However, don’t forget to ask your parents first!

Mrs S