Our Favourite Poems

During our Literacy sessions our learners were asked to read and select their favourite Poem. Here is a list of our favourite poems.

Bananas In My Ears By Michael Rosen –

“I like it because it rhymes and the pictures look good” – Joel

“It is funny” – Tyrone

” It’s very funny” – Mia

” My favourite poem is Bananas In My Ears because its about the beach and a little girl” – Sabah

” I liked the part when Anna & Nat were fighting because it was funny and they were brother and sister” Emily V


For Evans Sake Author unknown

“I like this poem because it is funny and it makes me laugh” – Jay Jay


Jabber Wocky  Author unknown  -Te Paea


Advice From A Careful Great-Aunt from the book ‘OGRE in a TOGA’- Ashleigh


Giggles from the book ‘School Poems’ – Ashleigh


I Never by Mini Grey

“It rhymes and its like the Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly” – Blesing


The Way I’d Crumble from the book ‘OGRE in a TOGA’

“I think it is funny & you can learn what happens to you”- Kayla

“It’s really funny and true, you can learn what happens to you and its very interesting. Kayla and I had the same book and we both agreed that it was funny and interesting” –  Jessica



What Shall We Do With A Naughty School Girl? By June Crebbin from the book ‘Mini Grey’

“I like it because its hilarious! I love it!” – Lyrik


“My favourite book is School Poems because it has awesome poems.” – Riley

“My favourite book is  The Crocodile Is Coming – Koopa

Discuss literary experiences with others, sharing responses and expressing a point of view. ACELT1603

Word Grid Game Review

Review:  Fun exiting and really educational



Try to make as many 3 to 8 lettered words, for example the letters I had were A,E,I,P,Q,l,M,O and T. A three to eight lettered word that I can make is POET. Click on those letters then click on the last one to confirm your word. Don’t worry on this game there is no timer.


Look at your letters then write some words you can make then click on the letters then confirm your word. Play this game it can help you with spelling.



From Shaheer


Math Lines Game Review

Review:  Fun exiting and really educational



Find all of the pairs that add up to ten eg. 5+5=, 8+2. Shoot the number that will equal 10. For example, the number 6 is in the shooter and the number 4 is at the front. Try to aim the shooter to the number 4 before it gets to the end and into the hole. Don’t worry there is no timing.


Before you play write down all the way you can make 2 numbers equal 10. Practise your aiming. It can help you with maths.




From Shaheer