Wonderful Websites – Math Lines

School A-Z



School A-Z is a great app for practising your spelling words and times tables. It also has some help paged that will assist you with your homework and the topics being taught in class.

It has been produced by NSW Department of Education and Communities. I highly recommend this app for home.

It’s available at the App Store and on Google Play. Best of all it’s FREE!

http://www.schoolatoz.nsw.edu.au/about/mobile-applications/school-a-to-zSchool A-Z

Maths Focus – Using a Timetable –

Using the PTV Journey Planner

During this session you will be using the PTV Journey Planner to find the fastest way to get to famous landmarks in the city from our school.

Type in our school’s address and then use the PTV Journey Planner to find your way to:

  • Melbourne Zoo – Elliot Avenue, Parkville
  • Melbourne Museum – Nicholson Street, Carlton
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – Yarra Park, Jolimont
  • Scienceworks and Melbourne Planetarium – Booker Street, Spotswood.

Imagine you are leaving at 9am tomorrow.


You will need to record your times and calculations in your Maths book.



Weeks 7 & 8 Maths Focus – Fractions

Design a Park

This game focuses on equivalent fractions using eighths as the standard fraction.


Fraction Fiddle- Cake Fractions

This game focuses on creating, naming and ordering fractions.


Fraction Fiddle- Hit the apple

This game focuses on adding fractions. You can add fractions with the same denominator and then explore adding numbers with different denominators.


PBS Kids Cyberchase – Find It – Fractions


This site has lots of videos and games about fractions.

BBC Bitesize Maths – Fractions

This site is great for explaining everything that you need to know about fractions.



Maths Focus – Place Value

This week our Maths focus will be on Place Value.

The Wishball Challenge is a wonderful game that will help you to learn more about what actually happens to the value of digits when you add or subtract numbers. I have included the links to different levels. The levels are Tens, Hundreds, Thousands and Ultimate.

Wishball Challenge (Whole Numbers – Thousands)


Wishball Challenge (Whole Numbers – Hundreds)


Wishball Challenge (Tens)


Wishball Challenge (Ultimate)