Homework Help – Angles

Hi Year 4,

This week’s Maths homework task is focusing on angles. Here is a quick reminder of the three main angles that we will be learning about.

Mrs S

photo (3)

 Photo Competition

Take a photo of an item around your home showing one of these angles. See if you can label the photo with the name of the correct angle.

Email your photo to year4@cranbourneeastps.vic.edu.au All winning entries will be posted on our blog.

Good luck!

Mrs S

Maths- Multiplication Party Project

This week you will be planning a birthday party for your next birthday. Throughout this task your will be focusing on:

  • Estimating
  • Using multiplication to calculate the total cost of each item.
  • Applying multiplication in real life contexts.
  • Using addition to determine the total cost.
  • Using subtractions to determine the difference.

I thought that you might want to complete some of this task at home. So I have attached the project PowerPoint and the shopping PowerPoint.

Planning a Party

Planning a Party catalogue with prices

Don’t forget to ask a teacher if you have any questions.

Mrs S