let’s look at the waves!

Waves are made from the weather’s rain and thunder. They crash and push up against the rocks and make big waves called ripples. Lots of people make waves when they are in pools and jump up and down. The water bounces to make waves.

Waves are made so people can have fun and go surfing and even just to look at them splash everywhere they go. You can make waves where there’s water and there’s people. Waves are made in lakes, rivers, ponds and beaches.

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Animals of Africa


The Ethiopian highlands were made by a volcano that erupted,the lava made dome that was a about 620 miles and it is now called the Roof of Africa.There are rare animals such as the Ethiopian wolf or the Gelada baboon.

The Ethiopian wolf lives in pairs and in the pack gathers for a noisy greeting ceremony. These wolves hunt small animals, those snouts are perfect for sniffing up rats and borrows of a rodent.

The Gelada baboons are really good climbers they have strong hands and feet and the strongest fingers of any primate in the world! They live in groups of up to 800 baboons and they feed on grass.They sleep on rocky cliffs so predators can’t reach.

These extraordinary creature’s only live in Ethiopia so if you want to see these amazing creature’s you have to fly to Ethiopia.


Sea Giants Summary

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LI: I can summarise informational texts.

There are thousands of giant sea creatures. There are only six in my book called Sea Giants. Lets just talk about two of them.

First we’re going to talk about Spider Crabs. Did you know that Spider Crabs are as big as a bus?!

Secondly lets talk about … SQUID! eww! So… Did you know that squids only let out ink when they’re scared? Kind of like us that when we’re really scared, we pee.



SEA GIANTS Friday the 29th of May

L.I I can summarise informational  text.

Sea giants are not like any animal on earth.

The sea giants are not like any animal on earth they are bigger than a normal animal.

The sea giants in the book that I read are called giant squid. The biggest giant squid ever found was bigger than a a car. The biggest jellyfish ever found was bigger than a basket ball court. Giant crabs are bigger than a car. Giant plants are bigger than a building and giant rays are bigger than a train tram.4-up on 29-05-2015 at 10.26 am

By Blake

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Ever wished you could win prizes just for learning? Well, here’s your chance!!


Scholastic (the book club people)  are running a Summer Reading Challenge between now and when you start Grade 5. They’ve challenged Australia and NZ kids to see if they can read for 1 million minutes all together by the end of January!

(How many hours is that? days? weeks? If you know, write us a quality comment!)

To register, you’ll need to visit http://summerreadingchallenge.scholastic.com.au/ and sign up. It’s free, but you might need help from your parents or a teacher to fill in the details. I’d suggest using your mathletics password and username, so that you remember them.

Once you’re registered, you can log in and enter how many minutes each day of reading you are doing. There are COOL PRIZES to be won, as well as improving your reading over the summer break.

If you have any questions, have a chat to your teachers- it would be great to see LOTS of CEPS kids working towards that 1 million minute challenge.

-Miss M





The Great Debate- That animals shouldn’t be kept in a zoo.

Hi Year 4,

The students in 4 SPA have been preparing to write a persuasive text on the topic, ‘That animals shouldn’t be kept in the zoo’.  I would love to know which side you’re on, as well as what you think, feel, wonder and know about this topic. Remember to  use a fact to back up your opinion.

Please leave QUALITY comment below. Don’t forget, FIRST NAME ONLY!

Mrs Sleeman

Homophones Concentration Game

Hi Year 4,

I know that some of you get mixed up with homophones when you write- words which sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings! Below is a game to work on your memory whilst practising your homophones too. If you know some homophones which aren’t listed in the game, comment below and let us know!

– Miss M