Healthy Bones


This week the students in 4 S/P/A have been learning about healthy eating and the skeletal system. Here are some fun games that  can be found at

They focus on how dairy products help to keep your bones healthy.

Mrs S.

Catch a Serve

Unbeatable Bones Quiz

Build A Skeleton

Fuel For Life Crossword


Hi there,

4B/T Have been learning about sleep and how important it is for our body to function at it’s best. We learnt that if we don’t get enough sleep it can affect our concentration, memory and our learning. We are currently undergoing a study and recording how much sleep we get each night, and below is a website we have used in class to test our reaction/ attentiveness. We would love for you to have a try, comment below and let us know how you go!!! Don’t forget FIRST NAME only!!!!

Miss Salomon


Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds Homework Matrix

Hi Year 4,

This term our Inquiry learning focus will be on ‘Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds’ Here is a copy of our Inquiry learning homework matrix  that you will be able to use for your homework tasks. You may complete these tasks in your homework book, on separate paper or digitally (e.g. using video, PowerPoint, email or Google Drive). Please see your teachers if you need any assistance or materials to complete these tasks.

Please note: Some of these tasks will require supervision by a parent. Please seek help from your parents where required.

Mrs. S


Healthy bodies homework activities

Healthy bodies homework activities

Skyping with the Immigration Museum

On Friday 13th of June we  Skyped  the Immigration Museum so we could learn more about immigration. We talked to Jan and asked her questions about immigration and she told us the answer we seeked.  Some answers she gave us we didn’t quite understand and some of the questions were confusing for Jan. Luckily Jan had Cam to help her with questions and answers. The questions were mostly about first fleet and early settlers and our focuses in inquiry.  We also used the iMac to Skype GoldFieldsED earlier the week. By Bel

What’s Your Environmental Footprint?

Hi Year 4,

Do you ever wonder how much of an impact your lifestyle is having on the world? What would happen if everyone used the same number of resources that you do? Check out the website below. It will help you to work out how big your environmental footprint is.

WWF Ecological Footprint Calculator

What changes could you make to your lifestyle to help protect the planet? Post ideas below and share them with the world!

Mrs Barnes 🙂