Paper Planes Wow Day


Friday 17/7/15 we had a Year 4 Wow Day and the whole school had their pjs on, so it was more fun. First we watched Paper Planes and then after snack play we made paper planes and had a competition in twos on who could fly their planes the longest. Then the longest flying planes went into another competition against other Year 4’s and three people got a prize.

From kayla

The Great Year 4 Quiz – #4

The Great Year 4 Quiz

How Well Do You Know Your City? –

BATMAN isn’t just the superhero of Gotham City but there is another BATMAN who has had an important role to play in Melbourne’s history.

Who was he and why is he an important part of Melbourne’s history?

Research your answer and ‘reply’ with your answer below. When replying I would like you to use the following format.  (Don’t forget to get an adult to check your work before posting online. *This is really important.)

Hi Mrs. S

The answer to today’s quiz question is……….   I found this information here…… (see if you can copy and paste the web address where you accessed your information)

From…….(First name only)

Good luck

Mrs. S

Inquiry Questions- ANZAC DAY (An introduction to blogging)

The students in 4/5 SW are being introduced to blogging. They have been given their own blogs. These blogs will be used as tools to reflect on their own learning.


Today they completed their first post.

This term we are learning about ANZAC day. Today we are asking open and closed questions so that we can find out more about ANZAC Day. Here are my questions:

  1. ………………..
  2. ………………..
  3. ………………..


What’s Your Environmental Footprint?


Hi Year 4,
How big is your Environmental Footprint? What things do you do to help to look after the environment? This week’s homework task requires you to reflect on how your lifestyle impacts on the environment.
Click on the link and answer a few questions about your daily life. The Ecological Footprint Calculator will then tell you how many planets it takes to support your lifestyle.
We would love to hear about the interesting things that you have noticed. Please leave a QUALITY COMMENT and your FIRST NAME below.
Mrs S

The Great Debate- That animals shouldn’t be kept in a zoo.

Hi Year 4,

The students in 4 SPA have been preparing to write a persuasive text on the topic, ‘That animals shouldn’t be kept in the zoo’.  I would love to know which side you’re on, as well as what you think, feel, wonder and know about this topic. Remember to  use a fact to back up your opinion.

Please leave QUALITY comment below. Don’t forget, FIRST NAME ONLY!

Mrs Sleeman

Stomach Experiment

Last week, the students in 4 S/P/A conducted a Science experiment to learn about how the stomach processes our food. First of all we watched a video called ‘The Digestive System Song’. As we watched the video, we made notes about the key stages of the digestion process. Yes, the song is a little silly but we learnt some important information along the way!

Then we conducted our Science experiment. Here’s how we did it.

  1. We started with snap lock bags, bread and some liquids (water, orange juice, Coke & Coffee).
  2. Then we tore up the bread and placed it into the snap lock bags.
  3. After that, we added different liquids to each of the bags.
  4. Finally, we used our hands to squish the bread and the liquid inside the bags. This was done to copy the way that the stomach muscles process our foods.

At the end of the experiment, we talked about the similarities and differences between each of the bags.

Here is a link to our final result. Open if you dare!

Stomach Experiment

The students in 4 S/P/A had lots of fun with this experiment. It is really easy to try at home. However, don’t forget to ask your parents first!

Mrs S

Human Body Websites

Hi Year 4,

I have found some websites that will help us to learn about the human body. These will be useful for helping to answer your Inquiry Learning questions.

This week, the students in 4 S/P/A will be evaluating these websites as a part of their Literacy Café Menu.  I would love to know what you think about these sites. Please respond with your feedback below.

Don’t forget, FIRST NAME only!

Mrs S