How Well Do You Know Australia and Surrounding Countries? – A Geography Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

Following on from our Inquiry focus on Australian cities, states and territories. I thought that some of you might be up for a geography challenge.

The Traveler IQ Challenge will give you the name of a city or area and you must click on where it is. You earn your points based on how close you are.

The more you play, the quicker and more accurate you get!


The Traveler IQ Challenge ranks your geographic knowledge. What’s your TIQ?

After you play, please post your FIRST name and your score below:

How To Respond to Emergency Situations – Using Email

This term we are participating in Drug Education sessions. As a part of our program we have been focusing on what to do in an emergency situation. During this session our learners were sent a scenario via email. They then had to discuss how they should respond and then reply to the email. Our learners were all highly engaged and were able to discuss what they would do if they were faced with the situation. Here is an example:
Dear Year 4,
I have found a small child lying unconscious. Next to the child is an empty bottle of tablets. I need your advice. What should I do?
  • Call the Ambulance and take the tablets away from the child. – Kai C
  • We think that you should do mouth to mouth and call an ambulance. If that doesn’t work she may die……;( – Tayla and Catrina
  • Mouth to mouth or CPR and then call 000. – Jaryd
  • Maybe get a adult to help or call 000 and tell them that the child is breathing and has just passed out. The tablets may have made her/him dizzy and made them bonk their head hard on the wall. – Caitlin and Emma

Top Tips For Editing Before Publishing Online

We have been learning about publishing our work online. Here are some ‘Top Tips’ for checking your work before publishing online:

  • Always go on Microsoft Word first to type up your work.  Microsoft Word will help to correct your spelling and punctuation mistakes. – Yuvraj
  • Always double check your work. Reread your work at least three times to make sure that it makes sense. – Cameron
  • If you are having trouble with spelling, ask your parents or a teacher to help you. – Mohit
  • If you are publishing on the internet. Have a dictionary near you – Manula
  • Get a piece of paper and write your sentence down first. Then get someone to check it. – Jayjay

Water Safety Videos

 Play School – Art Maker app

Last week was swimming week for the Year 4 learners. Some of our learners stayed back at school and learnt about how rips work and how to stay safe around water. We then decided to make posters and videos to inform others about how to stay safe around water. We found the Play School ‘Art Maker’ app particularly useful for making our own videos. We were able to select a beach background and add Humpty the lifeguard, as well as waves and other beach images. We were able to make the characters move and add our own voices to explain what to do in an unsafe situation. We created many informative and fun movies.  I will post the movies as soon as I work out how to export the movies from the iPad!

Mrs. S


BtN – Drowning Danger

Here is the BtN video that we watched to teach us all about water safety and staying safe around rips.


Blogging Rules

Blogging Rules

The Year 4 team at Cranbourne East PS are new to blogging in 2013. We have established these rules regarding the use of our blog:

Students will only post and comment using their first name – no surnames.

Posts and comments are checked by a teacher before they are published on the blog. Posts and comments need to be written in proper English and include correct spelling and punctuation. No SMS\text speak.

Post are not to include personal details (addresses, phone numbers and other family information), rude or attacking comments and language.

All students must have parental permission to have their work and photo published online (through the Cranbourne East ICT Acceptable Use Agreements)

Parents wanting to comment are asked to only use their first name to avoid identifying their child.

When we developed our blogging rules here are some sites we looked at for ideas:

Grade 6 @ Cranbourne East Primary School! Blogging Rules (Grade 6) 2KM @ Leopold Primary School! Our Blog Guidelines and General blogging information (Grade 2) Math Error Class Blogging Guidelines Mr. Salsich’s Class Blog Guidelines (Grade 3) Mr Mundorf’s Class Online Safety (Grade 5) Huzzah’s Commenting Guidelines (Grade 5/6) Endless Questions Responsible Blogging (Grade 6-8 ) Mr. Pfluger’s Discussion Corner Blog Guidelines (Grade 6) Our Space Student blogging Guidelines (Year 6) Mr. M’s History Blog Posting Comments (Grade 8 ) Mr Jorgensen’s Blogging Guidelines (Grade 8 ) Mr B’s Box Parent Information about our blogs Scattergood Biology How To Post and Comment Biology in Action Blogging Guidelines (High School and College)