BtN Web Secrets

This week we watched the ‘Web Secrets’ news story as a part of the latest Behind the News episode. Web Secrets focuses on the information that we share with our parents, friends and the wider community.  We had quite a discussion about the topic of cybersafety. We ask that you take the time to watch the video to look at the different facts and opinions. Then make your vote on this week’s BtN poll. You can even tell us your thoughts about this topic in the comment section below. Remember, FIRST NAME only.

Mrs S

Do parents have a right to know about everything you do online?

Blogging Rules & Expectations

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that there have been some inappropriate language/words used on our class blog. As a result, I have removed this post. Therefore, I am reminding students of our expectorations and rules. Please take the time to read over these rules. We will also be reviewing them in class.

Mrs S

Blogging Rules

The Year 4 team at Cranbourne East PS are learning about blogging. We have established these rules regarding the use of our blog:

■ Students will only post and comment using their first name – no surnames.

■ Posts and comments are checked by a teacher before they are published on the blog.

■ Posts and comments need to be written in proper English and include correct spelling and punctuation. No SMS\text speak.

■ Students must not use inappropriate language or content.

■ Post are not to include personal details (addresses, phone numbers and other family information), rude or attacking comments and language.

■ All students must have parental permission to have their work and photo published online (through the Cranbourne East ICT Acceptable Use Agreements)

■ Parents wanting to comment are asked to only use their first name to avoid identifying their child.

When we developed our blogging rules here are some sites we looked at for ideas:

■ Grade 6 @ Cranbourne East Primary School! Blogging Rules (Grade 6) ■ 2KM @ Leopold Primary School! Our Blog Guidelines and General blogging information (Grade 2) ■ Math Error Class Blogging Guidelines ■ Mr. Salsich’s Class Blog Guidelines (Grade 3) ■ Mr Mundorf’s Class Online Safety (Grade 5) ■ Huzzah’s Commenting Guidelines (Grade 5/6) ■ Endless Questions Responsible Blogging (Grade 6-8 ) ■ Mr. Pfluger’s Discussion Corner Blog Guidelines (Grade 6) ■ Our Space Student blogging Guidelines (Year 6) ■ Mr. M’s History Blog Posting Comments (Grade 8 ) ■ Mr Jorgensen’s Blogging Guidelines (Grade 8 ) ■ Mr B’s Box Parent Information about our blogs ■ Scattergood Biology How To Post and Comment ■ Biology in Action Blogging Guidelines (High School and College)

Wonderful Websites – Visuwords

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary?

Visuwords is an awesome online tool that assists you with synonyms and word families. It is just like a visual thesaurus/dictionary. Simply type in your word and watch the different word links appear. This will be great for your writing as well as understanding tricky words as you are reading. Plus it’s lots of fun!

It also comes in an app friendly format



School A-Z

School A-Z is a great app for practising your spelling words and times tables. It also has some help paged that will assist you with your homework and the topics being taught in class.

It has been produced by NSW Department of Education and Communities. I highly recommend this app for home.

It’s available at the App Store and on Google Play. Best of all it’s FREE! A-Z

Maths Focus – Using a Timetable –

Using the PTV Journey Planner

During this session you will be using the PTV Journey Planner to find the fastest way to get to famous landmarks in the city from our school.

Type in our school’s address and then use the PTV Journey Planner to find your way to:

  • Melbourne Zoo – Elliot Avenue, Parkville
  • Melbourne Museum – Nicholson Street, Carlton
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – Yarra Park, Jolimont
  • Scienceworks and Melbourne Planetarium – Booker Street, Spotswood.

Imagine you are leaving at 9am tomorrow.

You will need to record your times and calculations in your Maths book.



Maths Focus – Place Value

This week our Maths focus will be on Place Value.

The Wishball Challenge is a wonderful game that will help you to learn more about what actually happens to the value of digits when you add or subtract numbers. I have included the links to different levels. The levels are Tens, Hundreds, Thousands and Ultimate.

Wishball Challenge (Whole Numbers – Thousands)

Wishball Challenge (Whole Numbers – Hundreds)

Wishball Challenge (Tens)

Wishball Challenge (Ultimate)