Weeks 7 & 8 Maths Focus – Fractions

Design a Park

This game focuses on equivalent fractions using eighths as the standard fraction.


Fraction Fiddle- Cake Fractions

This game focuses on creating, naming and ordering fractions.


Fraction Fiddle- Hit the apple

This game focuses on adding fractions. You can add fractions with the same denominator and then explore adding numbers with different denominators.


PBS Kids Cyberchase – Find It – Fractions


This site has lots of videos and games about fractions.

BBC Bitesize Maths – Fractions

This site is great for explaining everything that you need to know about fractions.



Maths Focus – Place Value

This week our Maths focus will be on Place Value.

The Wishball Challenge is a wonderful game that will help you to learn more about what actually happens to the value of digits when you add or subtract numbers. I have included the links to different levels. The levels are Tens, Hundreds, Thousands and Ultimate.

Wishball Challenge (Whole Numbers – Thousands)


Wishball Challenge (Whole Numbers – Hundreds)


Wishball Challenge (Tens)


Wishball Challenge (Ultimate)


How Well Do You Know Australia and Surrounding Countries? – A Geography Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

Following on from our Inquiry focus on Australian cities, states and territories. I thought that some of you might be up for a geography challenge.

The Traveler IQ Challenge will give you the name of a city or area and you must click on where it is. You earn your points based on how close you are.

The more you play, the quicker and more accurate you get!


The Traveler IQ Challenge ranks your geographic knowledge. What’s your TIQ?

After you play, please post your FIRST name and your score below:

Word Grid Game Review

Review:  Fun exiting and really educational



Try to make as many 3 to 8 lettered words, for example the letters I had were A,E,I,P,Q,l,M,O and T. A three to eight lettered word that I can make is POET. Click on those letters then click on the last one to confirm your word. Don’t worry on this game there is no timer.


Look at your letters then write some words you can make then click on the letters then confirm your word. Play this game it can help you with spelling.



From Shaheer


Math Lines Game Review

Review:  Fun exiting and really educational



Find all of the pairs that add up to ten eg. 5+5=, 8+2. Shoot the number that will equal 10. For example, the number 6 is in the shooter and the number 4 is at the front. Try to aim the shooter to the number 4 before it gets to the end and into the hole. Don’t worry there is no timing.


Before you play write down all the way you can make 2 numbers equal 10. Practise your aiming. It can help you with maths.




From Shaheer


Hi Year 4,

I have stumbled across some great games that I can embed into our Blog. These are games that you can play on our Blog without going to different websites. Each time I post a new game I will also add a star rating system please take the time to rate the game.

If you think that the game was AWESOME and you will play it again, give it 5 stars.

If you think that it was BORING and you will never play it again, give it 1 star.

It you think that it was somewhere in the middle, give it 2,3 or 4 stars.

Happy Playing!

Mrs. S

Word Grid