Homophones Concentration Game

Hi Year 4,

I know that some of you get mixed up with homophones when you write- words which sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings! Below is a game to work on your memory whilst practising your homophones too. If you know some homophones which aren’t listed in the game, comment below and let us know!

– Miss M



Healthy Bones


This week the students in 4 S/P/A have been learning about healthy eating and the skeletal system. Here are some fun games that  can be found at www.dairy.edu.au.

They focus on how dairy products help to keep your bones healthy.

Mrs S.

Catch a Serve


Unbeatable Bones Quiz


Build A Skeleton



Fuel For Life Crossword




Hi Year 4,

Are you up for a challenge? This game has a broken calculator and some of the keys are missing. You have to find new ways to make the number by pressing the keys on the calculator. You may have to use more than one operation to solve the problem.

I would love to have some feedback about the game. Please post your thoughts and your FIRST name only below.

Mrs S

Calculator Chaos


Wonderful Websites – Math Lines