The Great Year 4 Quiz – #4

The Great Year 4 Quiz

How Well Do You Know Your City? –

BATMAN isn’t just the superhero of Gotham City but there is another BATMAN who has had an important role to play in Melbourne’s history.

Who was he and why is he an important part of Melbourne’s history?

Research your answer and ‘reply’ with your answer below. When replying I would like you to use the following format.  (Don’t forget to get an adult to check your work before posting online. *This is really important.)

Hi Mrs. S

The answer to today’s quiz question is……….   I found this information here…… (see if you can copy and paste the web address where you accessed your information)

From…….(First name only)

Good luck

Mrs. S

The Great Year 4 Quiz

Our camp is quickly approaching. Today we completed our sandwich orders for our lunches. Now the teachers have to order the sandwiches. This is where we need your help…

92 students have ordered 2 sandwiches for each day. How many slices of bread do we need to order?

Please post your ANSWER and your FIRST NAME ONLY below.

P.S There will be bonus house points if you can explain how you worked it out.

Mrs S