Inquiry Questions- ANZAC DAY (An introduction to blogging)

The students in 4/5 SW are being introduced to blogging. They have been given their own blogs. These blogs will be used as tools to reflect on their own learning.


Today they completed their first post.

This term we are learning about ANZAC day. Today we are asking open and closed questions so that we can find out more about ANZAC Day. Here are my questions:

  1. ………………..
  2. ………………..
  3. ………………..


Top Tips For Editing Before Publishing Online

We have been learning about publishing our work online. Here are some ‘Top Tips’ for checking your work before publishing online:

  • Always go on Microsoft Word first to type up your work.  Microsoft Word will help to correct your spelling and punctuation mistakes. – Yuvraj
  • Always double check your work. Reread your work at least three times to make sure that it makes sense. – Cameron
  • If you are having trouble with spelling, ask your parents or a teacher to help you. – Mohit
  • If you are publishing on the internet. Have a dictionary near you – Manula
  • Get a piece of paper and write your sentence down first. Then get someone to check it. – Jayjay