Inquiry Questions- ANZAC DAY (An introduction to blogging)

The students in 4/5 SW are being introduced to blogging. They have been given their own blogs. These blogs will be used as tools to reflect on their own learning.


Today they completed their first post.

This term we are learning about ANZAC day. Today we are asking open and closed questions so that we can find out more about ANZAC Day. Here are my questions:

  1. ………………..
  2. ………………..
  3. ………………..


How Well Do You Know Australia and Surrounding Countries? – A Geography Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

Following on from our Inquiry focus on Australian cities, states and territories. I thought that some of you might be up for a geography challenge.

The Traveler IQ Challenge will give you the name of a city or area and you must click on where it is. You earn your points based on how close you are.

The more you play, the quicker and more accurate you get!


The Traveler IQ Challenge ranks your geographic knowledge. What’s your TIQ?

After you play, please post your FIRST name and your score below: