Stop the Clock!



Stop the clock quarter past

Quarter to/Quarter Past                                                                                                                                    

Stop the clock quarter past






To the minute

Hi again Year 4,

4BM had fun with “Stop the Clock” today, tuning into our time activities. See if you can beat your high score, and post a quality comment below!

Click on the picture to play the game/

– Miss M





wordsforbad4BM have been talking about synonyms for “good” and “bad”- we’ve banned these words from our classroom because we’ve found lots of words which are so much more interesting to use in our writing!

Can you think of some more words which mean “bad” that we could use in our writing? Remember to log in to comment with your school email address and use only your FIRST name.

– Miss M

Variations- by Stephany

How many different ways can you clean a reindeer?


  • Lick it from bottom to top
  • Shove it’s head down the sink and turn power on to maximum
  • Throw it in the ocean with your best throw
  • Leave it outside in the rain for 2 hours
  • Mash mints and rub under reindeers armpits. This will act as Rexona.
  • Use hair gel and massage it on the reindeer’s rear end
  • Massage oil onto the sturdy hoof. This will be moisturising cream.

Now your reindeer has had 5 star treatment!


Risk-taking: by Jessica

What would you rather do- fly in a sleigh or flight in an aeroplane? Give three detailed reasons to explain your choice.

If I got the choice of either taking a flight on a sleigh or on an aeroplane I would choose a sleigh. I’ll tell you why, and I will give you three reasons.

#1 You’ll get to see Santa and his reindeer, I mean how cool is that! You can even see Prancer (my favourite).

#2 You’ll never crash land, never ever. If you are on a plane you will probably crash, I mean, have you seen the news?

#3 You’ll get to see outside and have some fresh air, although if you were on the plane you would be enclosed. I mean, what if someone let rip? Gross!

Ok, I gave you my three reasons, do you believe me now? I would.