Dirt Bikes

INTRO: Dirt bikes a type of bike that are running by a motor. Dirt bikes are fun to ride and play games.

P.1: Dirt bikes were made way back in the 2000s and now days they are really good these days. They are really good these days because back in the 2000s there were 500s and now there are 650s.

P.2: Dirt bikes are made to race on jump tracks and flat tracks. They also have suspension to soak up all the bumps.

P.3: Some dirt bike brands are KTM, KX, HONDA, COBRA,YAMAHA and Suzuki. The most popular bike is the ktm 450.

P.4: Safety gear is what you need to wear on the bike when you are riding these are the things you need to wear, helmet, boots, neck brace, body armour, goggles and gloves.

SEA GIANTS Friday the 29th of May

L.I I can summarise informational  text.

Sea giants are not like any animal on earth.

The sea giants are not like any animal on earth they are bigger than a normal animal.

The sea giants in the book that I read are called giant squid. The biggest giant squid ever found was bigger than a a car. The biggest jellyfish ever found was bigger than a basket ball court. Giant crabs are bigger than a car. Giant plants are bigger than a building and giant rays are bigger than a train tram.4-up on 29-05-2015 at 10.26 am

By Blake