Paper Planes Wow Day


Friday 17/7/15 we had a Year 4 Wow Day and the whole school had their pjs on, so it was more fun. First we watched Paper Planes and then after snack play we made paper planes and had a competition in twos on who could fly their planes the longest. Then the longest flying planes went into another competition against other Year 4’s and three people got a prize.

From kayla

let’s look at the waves!

Waves are made from the weather’s rain and thunder. They crash and push up against the rocks and make big waves called ripples. Lots of people make waves when they are in pools and jump up and down. The water bounces to make waves.

Waves are made so people can have fun and go surfing and even just to look at them splash everywhere they go. You can make waves where there’s water and there’s people. Waves are made in lakes, rivers, ponds and beaches.

Photo on 29-05-2015 at 10.23 am