BtN – Plastic Oceans

This term we are focusing on the topic ‘The Big Blue”.  We would like you to watch this Behind the News story called Plastic Oceans. Once you have watched this story we would like you to write a quality comment telling is what you think about the news story. You could use these sentence starters to give you some ideas of what to write.

    • I think
    • I feel
    • I wonder
    • … reminds me of…

Happy Blogging!

Mrs S

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  1. I think that it is sad that the plastic is killing wildlife. At my house, we don’t throw out our plastic bags sometimes. It is good how people are trying to make a difference. I think the plastic bags should be banned if they are going to carry on killing birds and sea creatures. Turtles are probably dying the most, there is a species of turtle that eats jelly fish and will mistake bags for food.

  2. I really think that we should not throw rubbish everywhere because by throwing rubbish makes animals die and i do not want animals to die and i strongly believe that plastic bags should be banned because plastic is not good for the animals.

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