Risk-taking: by Jessica

What would you rather do- fly in a sleigh or flight in an aeroplane? Give three detailed reasons to explain your choice.

If I got the choice of either taking a flight on a sleigh or on an aeroplane I would choose a sleigh. I’ll tell you why, and I will give you three reasons.

#1 You’ll get to see Santa and his reindeer, I mean how cool is that! You can even see Prancer (my favourite).

#2 You’ll never crash land, never ever. If you are on a plane you will probably crash, I mean, have you seen the news?

#3 You’ll get to see outside and have some fresh air, although if you were on the plane you would be enclosed. I mean, what if someone let rip? Gross!

Ok, I gave you my three reasons, do you believe me now? I would.


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