How To Respond to Emergency Situations – Using Email

This term we are participating in Drug Education sessions. As a part of our program we have been focusing on what to do in an emergency situation. During this session our learners were sent a scenario via email. They then had to discuss how they should respond and then reply to the email. Our learners were all highly engaged and were able to discuss what they would do if they were faced with the situation. Here is an example:
Dear Year 4,
I have found a small child lying unconscious. Next to the child is an empty bottle of tablets. I need your advice. What should I do?
  • Call the Ambulance and take the tablets away from the child. – Kai C
  • We think that you should do mouth to mouth and call an ambulance. If that doesn’t work she may die……;( – Tayla and Catrina
  • Mouth to mouth or CPR and then call 000. – Jaryd
  • Maybe get a adult to help or call 000 and tell them that the child is breathing and has just passed out. The tablets may have made her/him dizzy and made them bonk their head hard on the wall. – Caitlin and Emma

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