Water Safety Videos

 Play School – Art Maker app

Last week was swimming week for the Year 4 learners. Some of our learners stayed back at school and learnt about how rips work and how to stay safe around water. We then decided to make posters and videos to inform others about how to stay safe around water. We found the Play School ‘Art Maker’ app particularly useful for making our own videos. We were able to select a beach background and add Humpty the lifeguard, as well as waves and other beach images. We were able to make the characters move and add our own voices to explain what to do in an unsafe situation. We created many informative and fun movies.  I will post the movies as soon as I work out how to export the movies from the iPad!

Mrs. S


BtN – Drowning Danger

Here is the BtN video that we watched to teach us all about water safety and staying safe around rips.


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