Our Favourite Poems

During our Literacy sessions our learners were asked to read and select their favourite Poem. Here is a list of our favourite poems.

Bananas In My Ears By Michael Rosen –

“I like it because it rhymes and the pictures look good” – Joel

“It is funny” – Tyrone

” It’s very funny” – Mia

” My favourite poem is Bananas In My Ears because its about the beach and a little girl” – Sabah

” I liked the part when Anna & Nat were fighting because it was funny and they were brother and sister” Emily V


For Evans Sake Author unknown

“I like this poem because it is funny and it makes me laugh” – Jay Jay


Jabber Wocky  Author unknown  -Te Paea


Advice From A Careful Great-Aunt from the book ‘OGRE in a TOGA’- Ashleigh


Giggles from the book ‘School Poems’ – Ashleigh


I Never by Mini Grey

“It rhymes and its like the Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly” – Blesing


The Way I’d Crumble from the book ‘OGRE in a TOGA’

“I think it is funny & you can learn what happens to you”- Kayla

“It’s really funny and true, you can learn what happens to you and its very interesting. Kayla and I had the same book and we both agreed that it was funny and interesting” –  Jessica



What Shall We Do With A Naughty School Girl? By June Crebbin from the book ‘Mini Grey’

“I like it because its hilarious! I love it!” – Lyrik


“My favourite book is School Poems because it has awesome poems.” – Riley

“My favourite book is  The Crocodile Is Coming – Koopa

Discuss literary experiences with others, sharing responses and expressing a point of view. ACELT1603

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